Excel Flight Planner

The best (and only) Excel-based VFR flight planner you’ll ever need by Chris Powell

I found this great article and resource for helping with cross country flight planning. In the article titled “The best (and only) Excel-based VFR flight planner you’ll ever need” by Chris Powell, he explains how to use the spreadsheet. Once … Continue reading

Paper Flight Planners by Dauntless Aviation

Cross Country

Dauntless has provided free resources for cross country planning. On their “Freebies” page Dauntless Aviation has provided the following items for download as PDF free of charge!

Dauntless Aviation Freebies Page For VFR Flight Planners

– Dauntless Aviation Better VFR … Continue reading

SkyVector Online Aeronautical Charts

Cross Country

A great online resource for sectional charts is SkyVector Aeronautical Charts. SkyVector provides sectional, TAC, Helicopter, Enroute High, Enroute Low, and IFR Area maps. Along with these, it also provides a simple flight planning suppliment that is great for … Continue reading